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    HolmSelect Organic

    At HolmSelect it is their goal to continue pioneering more organic vegetable farming over the coming years.

    Their belief is that organic farming is the most environmentally defensible farming method. Its holistic benefits to the soil and the natural ecosystem are immeasurable. At a time when caring for the environment we live in is more pertinent than ever, Holm Select is dedicated to pursuing its conversion into organic farming in the months and years to come.

    Already - in addition to the organic vegetable farm - they grow a substantial acreage of organic wheat. Used in biscuit making, much of Holm Select’s crop of organic wheat is supplied to millers. In addition, they provide organic wheat for the production of animal feed.

    They are constantly looking at new crops to grow for existing and new markets. We are only interested in producing a high quality product that will keep our customers satisfied.