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    Customer Reviews & Testimonials

    "Absolutely love this company. I typically order a small box of fruit and vegetables; the box is packed full and I love that’s it’s all in season. I can make at least two large pots of vegetable soup with veg leftover to cook separately. Fruit is always so fresh. You can clearly see and taste the difference with organic produce and I think it’s reasonably priced based off prices I pay locally. Delivery is always on time and you can return your boxes each time."

    Tara  July 2022

    "Freshest produce I've ever had! The seeded grapes are so delicious it's unbelievable! Delivery to Glasgow was seamless. All items arrived neatly packaged and in one piece. Listen! I hate to put people on the grapes so they do not order all but do not hesitate if you are considering ordering from organic delivery. I come from a long line of farmers who grow only organic produce and I am really impressed! I'm now about to place my order for next week and will start the weekly subscription! Absolutely chuffed I found this site via Instagram!"

    Sima  December 2021

    "I placed my first order with this company and was delighted with the produce. It was very fresh and tasty and so pleased it was organic knowing i am trying my best to eat well & stay healthy and look after this beautiful planet at the same time. You have a very happy customer who looks forward to placing my next order with you again soon !"

    Michelle November 2021
    "There was an issue with the packing, that caused damage to the produce. However they acknowledged the issue, reminded the packers, plus made a very fair discount to cover the damage.      Every one of us will make mistakes, but doing the right thing when it happens , and getting it right next time, is the sign of a company that is worth doing business with."
    Ian May 2020

    "Best organic delivery company out there & we tried them ALL. The produce is top quality & very helpful staff too what more could you ask for?"

    BB October 2017

    "Really fresh, beautiful organic food. What more can you say?"

              Steve March 2017

    "Thank you for my first fruit and veg box , very fresh and a lovely huge broccoli plus a cucumber and lettuce so no veg shortage for me!

    Carole February 2017

    "Great service...lovely to see/smell and taste normal grown food:)"

    Roxanne January 2017

    "Always fresh produce and reasonable prices compared to all the organic groceries. No marketing gimmicks order this 4rth box 50 % less and stuff. Simple - Just order and pay. Love their packaging too,makes me feel less guilty about waste. Simple and Flexible and lot of vegan options. Loved Organic Delivery company. Thumbs up and Thank you for we enjoy our meals because of your produce!"

    Vivana September 2016

    "Excellent quality produce and great customer service. I have been using this service weekly for over a year now and cannot fault them. I always select my produce individually instead of using the standard box system and it is always first class. I only one problem where the wrong item was delivered and it was resolved very easily after I called customer service. I would highly recommend!"

    Karen June 2016

    "The Organic Delivery Company has really come through. Organic Granny Smith, aubergines, cauliflowers, nectarines, mangoes, bananas, lovely home-grown potatoes, celeriac, seedless watermelons, chilies and free cat homes! Not a scrap of plastic wrapping and labels. My lovely delivery man didn't even mind. He proudly exclaimed: "32 kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables!" When I told him that I intend to do that regularly and I am so sorry for him, he said not to worry and that he doesn't mind in the least.:)How kind is that!

    The fruit and vegetables have been treated carefully. You can tell. A really nice touch is, that when something, that you buy in numbers rather than weight, like the cauliflower and the nectarines is on the small side, they simply add more. So I got two lovely cauliflowers instead of one and 12 nectarines instead of 8. The mangoes are huge and some are ready to eat and the others still need to tank a bit of sun light, but that is just perfect. The potatoes taste wonderful. We had a couple each for dinner, just with salt and butter. So yes, I shall stick with bulk ordering and cutting out processed foods. It is much easier now.:)xxx"

    Sigrid June 2016

    "Great company.
    Good communication when needed.
    Good produce.
    Helpful and cheerful delivery drivers.
    Highly recommended."

    Barry February 2016

    "Very pleased for our mixed box excellent quality a lovely mixture of salad fruit and vegetables and generous portions. Looked at a number of companies but this offered the best selection."

    Irene December 2015

    "Consistently amazing quality and service. I have been ordering vegetable and fruits boxes every week for years, and I have been very happy with the variety and quality of produce. Extremely reliable service, delivering fresh and in-season produce at the doorstep of my home."

    Angela June 2015

    "The produce you send is great! The service is fabulous! I also love the fact that I am prompted the day before to remind me to update my order. So all in all - GREAT! Thanks"

    Karen, May 2015

    "Just a word of thanks to your company for the continued great service; Our sons hamper arrived today before lunch as requested and he's delighted with the contents.

    Thank you again."

    Stephen, April 2015

    "i was lucky enough to be picked as a winner on the facebook competition. i chose the veg option and cant believe the wonderful items that have arrived. i was told that delivery would be thursday pm, and that was exactly what i got. the veg is excellent quality and im now trying new dishes because of the different range of veg in the box. thank you, very much"

    Lorraine, February 2015

    "We've been extremely happy with our deliveries so far. We usually order the medium fruits and veg box and there is always a great variety from week to week and the quality is excellent! You can definitely taste the difference compared to chain supermarkets! It also means we are cooking a lot more and trying new recipes when we get veg when never even knew existed before!! The service is also great with friendly delivery people and Glen who works at the office has always been very accommodating and helpful with our requests. Highly recommended if you're looking for amazing quality fruits and veg delivered to your door in London!"

    Chris, December 2014

    "I have been subscribing for over 20 years now to the delivery of organic fruit and vegetables and have used various companies along the way; and I have to say that TheOrganic Delivery Company comes out second to none. And with their recent website overhaul things just got better.
    So what have we got? From the beginning of the process to the end, it's just sheer joy. Starting with their easy to use, highly-responsive, easily-navigable, attractive website within which we can order from a vast, eclectic selection of the most nutrition-bound, tasty food possible (and given two potential days of the week for delivery) at extremely reasonable prices.

    No, it's not as expensive as other delivery companies and the shock is that it's sometimes less expensive than conventional non-organic food that one can find at the local supermarket. Given this interesting fact, there's no real excuse for not buying organic - you just know you're looking after yourself and your family's health; and helping the growers to farm safely; this has got to outweigh everything else.

    Life starts with food. And I know we feel better and our health improved when getting regular deliveries of these magical ingredients each week. And when that delivery arrives, it's like Christmas. Everything in the boxes is there.

    It's all fresh and cold to the touch, beautifully and neatly packed; and our driver really does give that personable and friendly service, caring and resourceful when I've not been in and we've been hit by rainy weather. And if, on the rare occasion, you need to phone and speak to them in the office, they are marvellous in taking care of you - always friendly and you always feel assured of a first-class service..

    I love their food. I love their service. It's really simple."

    Louise, N11 - March 2013

    "I just wanted to say a huge "thank you" for my 1st delivery from the organic delivery company yesterday. We have been trying over the past few months to make our home 'organic' and as chemical free as possible. While the cleaning products and cosmetics were easy to replace, the organic food choice in our local supermarkets is not only overpriced but is unappealing. The carrots always look mangy, the tomatoes are all packed uniformly in their plastic wrappers, the bread is always one choice and is tucked away in the corner, and never as fresh as you’d like! It was like Christmas yesterday when our boxes of goodies arrived. The children went on a mission to try and find out what the kale was and what we were supposed to do with it. Hubby and I had a discussion about 'the big round thing' was it a swede or a turnip! The avocado was reassuringly wonky looking and the apples were all different sizes, as apples should be! At last some REAL food that looks and tastes great. I can't wait to try it all, and I can't wait for next week’s delivery. Well done The Organic Delivery Company!”


    "While writing, I would just like to say how continually pleased we are with everything about your company. The goods are 1st quality and the service cannot be faulted. Your internet site is easy to use and the delivery is always reliable, with a pleasant and helpful driver."

    Wendy, Ilford

    "Thought I'd say that I love your service. It's revolutionised my eating habits - I was always pretty healthy, but with a busy life I couldn't always find the time to shop as healthily or organically as I wanted. The fruit and veg are so much better than what you get in the shops - I also genuinely love to get tomatoes that are different sizes, apples in funny shapes and ever so occasionally find the odd slug in my lettuce. It's great to eat real food! And if I'm feeling less saintly I can always treat myself to some chocolate or cakes. I always look forward to getting home the night I get my food delivered.A happy customer,"

    Becca, W12

    "I just wanted to say how much we appreciate your service. We have had deliveries for a while now and the quality has never dipped. Our current favourites are the Mole End juices, the broad beans and the rhubarb. Also the halloumi cheese and the sprouts (not together).Our diet has improved rather a lot since we have been with you and also my back is better as there is less lifting of bags of veg and schlepping on and off buses with them.We've also liked having to cook what comes in the boxes: we cook a lot more types of food now."

    Alison, SW18

    "I must congratulate you on an excellent service. The produce has been totally delicious and the variety offered has forced me into creating new and interesting dishes. It has also provided me with many fine snacks for work, and I swear the sheer freshness and goodness of the produce has put colour in my cheeks and a spring in my step! flatmate has been so impressed with the service that she has ordered a box this week.”

    Joss, SW16

    "Just a quick note to say many thanks for the delivery this week. It is the first time I have bought from you, and I shall do so again. The produce is superb quality (I have bought organic fruit and veg in the supermarket for some time, but there is really no comparison to the goods you have supplied), and the courier was punctual and friendly."

    Emma, W1