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    Roddy Hall

    Roddy farms at Bickham Farm in the village of Kenn, situated south of Exeter and between the Dartmoor National Park and the Exe Estuary.

    He was a new entrant into farming, having spent his childhood dreaming of owning and running his own holding, many of the skills he uses now were learnt as a school boy. He is passionate about agriculture its connection to the soil and of course what he produces, food which is safe tasty and organic. He believes strongly that his holding now organic for over 20 years is contributing tremendously towards the environment and wildlife and biodiversity of the area in which he farms .

    Initially Roddy was growing produce for, and running his own local organic box scheme as well as building the hugely successful organic soup business, Rod & Bens, Roddy now grows a range of vegetables for Langridge, as well as for some local customers.