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    SkySprouts is a family-based company founded by two very enthusiastic parents wanting to give their children the best food possible. In 1984 Brett and Kathy Kellett started sprouting organic seeds and beans in their kitchen on a small farm in Devon. They soon found people couldn’t get enough of their sprouts, and so SkySprouts was born. Over 30 years later, they are still producing sprouts on the same farm in Devon and SkySprouts is now the largest supplier of organic sprouted seeds and beans in the UK. 


    Their daughters Ellisha and Kelda worked in the business from a young age and Ellisha has now bought the business from her parents so that they can enjoy a much-needed break (they now spend most of their time throwing parties and playing table tennis!) 


    Ellisha and Kelda are just as passionate about protecting this planet and producing only the best quality food, without the use of any nasty chemicals or pesticides. All SkySprouts are grown from organically certified seed and are certified by the Soil Association, packaged in containers made from recycled plastic, and transported in crates that are reused hundreds if not thousands of times. SkySprouts still delivers by hand once a week to the shops in their local town that gave them their first business, as a way to say thank you. 


    Most importantly Skysprouts are delicious and are packed with the vitality of a living food. SkySprouts range is ever-expanding, so keep an eye out for new products on your shelves soon.