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    Celtic Sea Salt 500g - Organic Delivery Company

    Celtic Sea Salt 500g

    Geo Organics

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    Celtic Sea Salt/ Sel de Guerande is hand harvested per traditional methods on the Brittany coast of France. Celtic sea salt is obtained after the sea water is filtered from one pond to another in a natural network of 20 ponds. It is sun-dried, unrefined, unprocessed and with no additives. It is renowned because of its very high bio-available minerals content. This salt is composed of only 71 to 74 % of sodium chloride (ref Dr Brian Clement). This is why it is grey. Organic and 100% natural - Celtic Sea Salt/Sel de Guerande is the preferred salt of Chef's elite.

    Gluten Free
    Dairy Free
    Organically approved finely ground sea salt.