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    Dragonfly Moonlight Jasmine Green Tea 20 bags - Organic Delivery Company

    Dragonfly Moonlight Jasmine Green Tea 20 bags


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    Dragonfly Moonlight Jasmine Green Tea (Moli Huacha in Chinese) comes from a small organic tea garden in an isolated mountainous region of South China, where the villagers still make tea by hand in the traditional way.

    A traditional natural fusion of organic green tea and the heady fragrance of organic night-flowering jasmine flowers. The delicate white blossom grow in the middle of the tea garden. They are picked in the morning and kept cool through the day. At night, when the blossom open and are at their most fragrant, they are layered with the green tea for several hours and then painstakingly removed. The process is sometimes repeated for several nights until the tea absorbs the flavour.

    It takes years of skill to judge just when the exquisite scent of the jasmine blossom has reached a perfect balance with the slight astringency and natural sweetness of the tea.