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    Essential Pea Soup - Glass Jar 680g - Organic Delivery Company

    Essential Pea Soup - Glass Jar 680g


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    Healthy, hearty and ‘tasting like it was home-made’. Essential organic soups bring you the essence of quality. With their crisp, modern packaging and gorgeous flavours, Essential soups truly stand out from the rest and are guaranteed to bring customers back for more! Crammed full of quality organic ingredients, melded into culinary perfection; these striking store-room staples are delicious products in a convenient recyclable package. All our soups are gluten-free and come with the requisite Essential guarantees – 100% quality ingredients with no GM, no added sugar and no artificial anything! Produced in a factory that receives all its energy from sustainable sources, each 720 ml glass jar contains two large portions that warm, sustain and satisfy

    Dairy Free