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    Mr Organic Passata Basil 690g - Organic Delivery Company

    Mr Organic Passata Basil 690g

    Mr Organic

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    Passata with Basil is an Italian classic. It can be used for the same kind of dishes that you would use chopped tomatoes for...pasta sauces, soups, stews etc.

    How do we make it? Well, we crush a load of tomatoes and then push them through a seive to remove the peel and seeds. That means you get a smooth and seedless tomato puree. Then we add fresh basil and nothing else. Why?  Well it saves you having to do it!

    Unlike many of our competitors we don't put anything else in our passatas. We like to let the naked goodness of our products shine through. If you want to add salt then we'll leave that up to you.

    Gluten Free
    Wheat Free
    Yeast Free
    No Added Sugar