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    Giol Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry 'Fenice' 75cl - Organic Delivery Company

    Giol Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry 'Fenice' 75cl

    Pale straw yellow sparkling wine with greenish highlights and a fine persistent bead.

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    The unique feature of this splendid Prosecco is that is made without sugar or concentrated rectified must. Instead, it is produced using free-run must for the secondary fermentation. Must produced from the considerable amount of grapes that we harvested last September was stored at 0° to prevent fermentation. Thanks to its sugar level, this allow us to naturally start the secondary fermentation needed to produce sparkling wine. The result is a fresher, more characteristic wine with a fuller bouquet. This is a long and risky process that requires special equipment: as of today, they are the only organic Prosecco producer that has ventured to try it. But the result is excellent.