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    Stellar Merlot 75cl - Organic Delivery Company

    Stellar Merlot 75cl

    South Africa - Fairtrade & no Added Sulphur 2019

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    Deep, bright colour and ripe fruit on the nose. Hints of jasmine and dark perfume. The wine has well-structured tannins from a post-ferment maceration. There is no wood influence, only ripe organic Merlot grapes. There is no sulphur added to this delicious wine, and we call this a low sulphur wine because in tests, ‘normal’ wines can have as much as 200 parts per million and this tested with just 5 parts per million.


    if you want to eat healthy, delicious organic food, with a keen eye for the change in your pocket, The Organic Delivery Company is here to help.

    We’re a small, friendly local service with a big reach. We understand the unique food shopping demands of living in a busy 24-hour city, because we live here too.

    The Organic Delivery Company is committed to making your food as sustainable and ethical as possible and all our organic food and our business is fully certified by The Soil Association.



    South Africa 2016 Grape: Merlot  - Size: 75cl Alcohol: 13.5%